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A Mexican Cook

Blog Design / Development



In many ways, this project began in Lily Ramirez's kitchen. She creates incredible homemade recipes and shares them with wide eyed food lovers on her blog.

Four years into her blogging journey, Lily came to us to build a website for her. After a few good heart-to-heart meetings with Lily we developed a deeper understanding of her business and her goals. It became apparent that in order for her to achieve the most value out of working with OVO she needed more than a new website.

We recommended she rename and rebrand. Thus, A Mexican Cook was born. We outfitted her with a beautifully simple website design and identity, with a light and clean feel, we crafted a simple site for her visitors to enjoy on every platform from desktop to mobile.

Working with Lily and Alan was exciting and fun. At OVO we're very proud of the result and now looking forward to taking the blog to a whole other level with them.